Therapeutic Process

Possible Benefits of Therapy:
While change has many benefits, in some situations there may be costs. For example, if you are in a unhappy relationship you may gain the insight and confidence to make difficult changes in the relationship. However, for most people the benefits of therapy typically out-weigh the costs. Some possible benefits include the ability to set and maintain limits with others, improved relationships, sense of empowerment, stress reduction, increased happiness, and for children, improved behavior at home and school.

The Length of Therapy
Generally, sessions last 50 minutes. In my work with children, I typically conduct a 5-10 minute discussion with parents followed by 40 minute session with the child. The number of sessions you will need depends on several factors. Typically, the more time that has past or the more severe the issue is, the longer the process may take. You will have control over the direction of therapy and acceleration of the process will come with consistent attendance and active involvement. Most important to your child’s progress is your support through participation in your child’s therapy and implementation of nurturing but structured parenting techniques.


If you are trying to find the right therapist for you, I offer potential clients a free 15 minute meeting to gather information about my therapeutic style and determine whether or not it would be a good fit. If you are interested in scheduling a meeting or an appointment, please contact me at:

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